When a company builds a quarry, it changes the environment. The plants and soil are affected, and the wildlife is forced to find new homes. After all the stone is excavated, and the quarry is abandoned, there isn’t enough soil left to revive the area again.

Some of the abandoned quarries will fill with water and create an artificial lake. The water is clear and makes for a safe environment for swimming. Birds, fish, and frogs can survive as they return, as well. Sometimes there is heavy mining equipment left behind, sitting at the bottom of the lake that causes concerns. There is also the possibility of toxic materials being exposed from the previous activities that can leak into the water.

Quarries are dug out below the water table making them prone to flooding. The fear that most environmentalists have is that those toxic materials will seep into the ground through the water and be exposed to humans and wildlife that come in contact.

As such, today, miners are required to pump the water out before abandoning the quarry and then seal the surrounding water table. These quarries usually become landfills.