The various stones that are mined can be for many different purposes. Two of the more common types of material that are quarried are Aggregate and Dimension Stones. Each of these has a purpose once they are excavated.

Aggregate materials are crushed rock, gravel or sand.  They are used in the construction industry to build foundations that are stable for railroads and roads. Asphalt and concrete also come for Aggregate, which is why most plants that produce asphalt and concrete are built next to the quarry.

For road construction, the oily material called asphalt and aggregate are mixed. It is believed that the ancient Roman’s invented concrete by mixing aggregate and sticky stone cement. The two materials of aggregate and concrete are what they used to build their aqueducts and roadway systems. The fact that many are still standing are a testament to how durable these materials are.

Dimension Stones are the large, precise cut stones that are excavated from quarries. They are used in the construction of buildings, monuments, and decorative purposes. It is a popular material used in kitchens for countertops and on rooftops. Dimension Stone is also used for headstones, in a granite variety.